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labor costs and taxes is the pressure in the corporate head of the "three big mountains." Some private entrepreneurs complained that, while bank lending rates of about 5%, but in fact Wenzhou bank loans are floating above 30%, plus some financial products, the annual cost of financing up to 10%.Financing costs are too high to become a heavy burden on the real economy. "Companies are short of money, basically their teeth continue to work in the bank." Wenzhou Clothing Chamber of Commerce Zheng Chen love smile,cheap toms, "but now most worried about is that many companies may not survive, no chance for the bank to work out. "Wenzhou, a well-known entrepreneurs believe that the worst is yet to come, Wenzhou, many companies are currently facing a "turning point", not for the better, but face closure.Wenzhou City Mayor Chen Jinbiao think, Wenzhou suffered shock not only earlier than elsewhere, long duration, but some of the more violent. This round of economic fluctuations, although there are factors in the macro environment, but in the final analysis, or in their own economic development and long-term accumulation of structural quality concentrated outbreak of conflict in the macro environment changes.What makes them stuck in a quagmire?This is a true story circulated in Wenzhou: There are more than a thousand employees.
many companies have been from the original "Ben abandoned real virtual" gradually "de-virtual to real" change.Statistics show that from January to May this year, Wenzhou city's industrial investment grew 48 percent, ranking first in the province. Meanwhile,chaussure nike femme, the new product output grew 20.2 percent, higher than the same period industrial output growth 17.2 percentage points. These data indicate that companies do not give up investment in the face of difficulties, especially technological inputs."Pioneers, in particular, can entrepreneurship, which is a concentrated expression of Wenzhou spirit." Governor of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province, said Li Qiang nationality, Wenzhou real economy was experiencing difficulties, but the Wenzhou people are good at doing the real economy, but also by doing Industry started, Wenzhou is no reason to give up their most knowledgeable stuff, do most unfamiliar products.When hot property market.
the boss of Wenzhou City Optical Co.
or even "Jiang your army",hogan outlet, "garlic you relentless" "beans you play" ... in these crazy capital game has Wenzhou capital figure,christian louboutin, while a too large, nor too loose bank lending is different from fuel.According , as of the end of 2012, loans to GDP ratio Wenzhou 192? 100, higher than the national 62 percent. An annual sales income of 30 million yuan of corporate, bank loans amounted to 200 million yuan or more. Excessive lending to the real to the imaginary Wenzhou Economic off, impulsive investment has played a role in fueling.Even more disturbing is that when the loan liquidity,louboutin pas cher, Wenzhou, many banks reduce lending conditions, mortgage companies are instigated no assets to obtain loans secured to each other to form a "mutual" "Lien" pattern. This is like a huge network, bundled with a lot of good and bad companies,ray ban sunglasses for sale, become suspended in the top of Wenzhou's economy edged sword of Damocles.For loans in the tens of billions of dollars is a lot of blood coerced enterprise operating funds, when the temptation golden rushes away toward, sudden tightening of monetary policy,fake ray bans, high return bubble burst, the blind pursuit of profit Wenzhou capital hit south Wall, the bad news after another: Wenzhou businessmen to invest heavily in the property market was regulated tier cities cold,toms outlet store, caught Wenzhou Dubai property market more than 30 billion yuan, Wen business investment loss of 25 billion yuan coal province, the EU's "dual" China PV industry losses caused by super 350 billion yuan, of which a number of enterprises in Wenzhou has been hit hard ...Some real estate enterprises in Wenzhou are siphoned off funds, there is no development, no investment, no original main business profits, coupled with poor sales of real estate is insufficient to pay interest on the loan,nike pas cher, the main business of frustration down,toms outlet, running, jumping events when there is occur.Upgrade go?Experienced the baptism of the financial crisis, which insists the main industry, stronger and Industry has become the consensus of the majority of entrepreneurs in Wenzhou. Now.
a business owner less than one million yuan profit a year of hard, but his wife invested several sets of real estate in Shanghai,cheap ray bans, eight years,christian louboutin pas cher, more than 30 million yuan profit."My husband hard busy year,tn pas cher, as the wife of a suite." A few years ago such a benefit-oriented to make a lot of money "abandoning real Ben imaginary." In Wenzhou, there are as many as hundreds of billions of private capital to long-term alienation from outside the banking system."Even if do not do real estate, get a few suites to stir fry is always there." One Wenzhou boss bluntly. According to the survey data Wenzhou authorities,louboutin femme, as early as 2010,toms shoes outlet, the city's top 100 manufacturing companies have 72 involved in real estate. "Mrs. real estate corporation" had famous nationwide,Cheap Ray Bans Outlet, in addition to the real estate war spread across the country, Wenzhou real estate group also expeditions overseas,toms outlet store, and even become a major force in Dubai property bubble hand.In addition to real estate, there are some "looks beautiful,cheap toms shoes," the industry has also attracted investments suffer nowhere Wenzhou businessmen: PV, minerals.








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