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Wang Jinsi inference, wearing a white lab coat might be Japanese wounded, rehabilitative training is being conducted on the playground.Experts: Japanese untouchables United States accounted QinghuaWar history expert Renmin University of China Yang told reporters that if the Netherlands,abercrombie soldes, two of the album reflects some cases the Japanese invaders occupied Beijing (then called Peking) time. As the Japanese army stationed at Tsinghua University, also confirmed the historical facts photo.If the Dutch Young talked about the reason why the Japanese occupation of Tsinghua University, but did not choose near Yenching University (now North location),ray bans discount, "historians have a saying that, when taking into account the relationship between the Japanese and foreign powers.
" Wang Jinsi immediately to twenty thousand yuan of the total price, asked a friend to buy it.When the album from Japan arrived, Wang Jinsi found that many Japanese occupation of Tsinghua University in Beijing and even the image on campus. Reporters saw, even after 70 years of ups and downs,ray bans online, but the album as a whole is still well preserved. Each album dozens of pages,tiffany gioielli outlet, a total of nearly Zhanglao photos. On one of the cover, as well as the image of Japanese soldiers and "jihad" word.Photo owner: Department 1932 army veteransReporters saw the back cover of the album has two brush writing "Cang Bridge Mao,nike tn pas cher magasin," the words, the time specified for Showa fifteen years (1940). Wang Jinsi judgment, which is the owner of two albums. Album tucked inside a "supplementary soldiers certificate",air max pas cher pour femme, recorded for Japan Kanagawa Cang Bridge Mao County, in Showa seven years (1932) the army,louboutin cheap shoes, and covered with a wing area of � ofu Japan commander seal.Wang Jinsi think, not just from the back label of the time (1940) to determine the date of the photo shoot. Old photos, as well as "celebrating the fall of Singapore," the slogan, which should be something before and after 1942, "the album should span the formation of a long period of time."Photo Content: West playground rehabilitation to wounded soldiers suspectedSome of the old photos,chaussure tn pas cher, appeared dressed in a white lab coat suspected Japanese soldiers standing on the queue space scene. After Liu Qinghua History Museum of identifying that space is almost certain the photo is somewhere in the playground Tsinghua campus. Another person familiar with the Tsinghua campus,hollister kids, said after watching the photo in the background houses and Tsinghua famous "eight vegetarian" very similar, so there may be filmed west playground.Because Japanese soldiers had turned into a field hospital Qinghua.
it has made this choice." She explained that the problem facing the other powers interests in China, the Japanese become emboldened enough. At that time Japan-US no war, in order to avoid a dispute with the United States since the Japanese to avoid the American management background Yenching University.If the Dutch Yang believes that these two albums objectively reflect the importance of the Japanese occupation of Beijing's Tsinghua University,cheap oakley sale, including in some cases during,hollister sverige, and therefore has a certain significance, and historical comparison with today's more able to reflect some historical relics.Historical Background: The Japanese army field hospital stationed QinghuaArchives Zhujun Peng Qinghua teacher wrote, "the Japanese occupation Tsinghua University Park,tn air max 2014 pas cher," one mentioned above, July 29, 1937,tiffany milano duomo, the Japanese began to enter Tsinghua intrusion. October 13,ray ban sunglasses outlet, the Japanese launched the Marco Polo Bridge Incident massive troops stationed Mou Taguchi,Christian Louboutin Online Store, bringing Tsinghua University Park is fully occupied.The spring of 1939, the Japanese army stationed in field hospitals 152 Hospital of Tsinghua University. All the faculties to the Japanese pavilion housing the sick and wounded, the museum artifacts are occupied, sold and destroyed. Library was converted hospital room, operating room, gymnasium was changed to the stables, the Japanese became the new South Campus Hall with prostitutes.Japanese troops to the north of the river zoned school personnel, Tsinghua staying active area,toms, and south of the river is a Japanese school in the world. Japanese troops had dug in the ground Tsinghua University Library a big hole to pour down the urine and feces handling medical waste. The observatory was destroyed when the Japanese army.
after the repair was renamed "Observatory" (Circle Office)Meteorological be used to support the Japanese cavalry,air max femme pas cher, dogsWithin the context of the photo album and more Zhanglao have suffered a similar "water tower" of the building. Liu identified by the department is the Tsinghua University observatory. According to historical records Tsinghua University Archives, during the Japanese occupation by the Japanese Meteorological cavalry as feeding, dogs place was enormous damage. In the album,hogan outlet roma, a Japanese photo background can also see the "observatory" sign.Later, broken observatory designed by Guan Zhao Ye repair Academy of Architecture, and adds a layer of white octagonal building. Liu said the observatory has now changed its name to "observatory", but its function has been used to observe weather.








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