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Hirohide told me talking work to be done tomorrow,hollister lille horaires, work until 9:00 at night more than to go back." Wang Zilong choking.Finally, a diary is this. "Neck began to ache. Yesterday handed over documents needed, cycling go again Back office,oakley sunglasses cheap, busy my PPT courseware, struggling one afternoon, somehow." Has been written "at night to prepare material ...", probably is a ball-point pen out of oil, try to draw her a few times, did not write down."She is a very strong girl, always told me that I have some more work to it." Wang Zilong, "said the village and miscellaneous things great, I know the difficulties. Hirohide Although it is a girl, age is little, but I feel she is with all the hard work in doing this work. ""The villagers do first, do Village"Read her diary, almost all "run errands for the villagers.
" the record day. From medical insurance, to water and electricity, as long as the villagers need, even then a small thing,cheap toms shoes, she must embark on the road tens of miles to get there.Not far away is the village of clay on the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, skyscrapers. And here, it is the low rows of bungalows. This gap hurt the hearts of the young village official. That is, from that time onwards, Zhang Guangxiu hidden in the heart under a dream, "I have a dream that one day,cheap oakley sunglasses, all the villagers to move out of the cottage can live on a beautiful small building, sitting on the bus to work."The village is rich in cherry.
Zhang Guangxiu illness alone simply can not be cured with chemotherapy has to be a bone marrow transplant. However, even the relatives of the bone marrow transplant, surgery costs also need to nearly 30 million. For Zhang Guangxiu parents,hollister pas cher, which is tantamount to an astronomical figure.Zhang Guangxiu condition affects the hearts of countless people. Yantai Fushan Village students who act up, one day you donate nearly 50,000 yuan. Weifang Changyi 215 Student Village who heard her illness, enthusiastically donated 24,810 yuan. Another time, a few do not know Linyi City sanitation workers came to the ward,fake ray ban sunglasses, threw money away.For treatment, Zhang Guangxiu is optimistic. On the bed, her arms still stretched thin, pointing to his head, said: "Yesterday and the secretary on the phone, the village will soon begin to do the demolition work, I want to quickly cure disease, wearing a helmet to the site up it! "Opened his notebook, mind full of words such as "the village footpath is very difficult to walk, find a way to repair it," "the cultural life of the villagers are usually too scarce, and to put forward a farm house, so we go there slack time look at the book, rechargeyour "... Yes, there are a lot of things waiting for her to do.Xinhua Nanjing,oakley sunglasses, May 7 (Reporter Liu Weiwei) 2014 civil service exam results will soon be published in Jiangsu, Nanjing, a college graduate Zhang Bo some confusion, he said: "to enter the interview that clinches it, and my dad have RBI Well,tiffany outlet italia, now the results are not afraid of the line. "reporter survey found that college students in the job search process, such as Zhang Bo stone unturned care relations and minority.Wages earned back a year to find a job is not spent "playing money"Nanjing,air max pas cher enfant, a state-owned enterprise into the work in 1998, Chen Ran a monthly salary of less than five thousand dollars,abercrombie soldes france, count the benefits of various bonuses, annual income of seven million. "To work for almost a year.
as soon as possible in order to master the growing techniques, tie her to the village orchard every day to learn, write down a thick planting a technical note,cheap oakley, the village has become famous cherry planting experts.2010, the village officially included clay Yantai urban development planning. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the demolition, she is responsible for collecting the villagers land certificate, real estate license to statistics. Some villagers that their land certificate record is incorrect, Zhang Guangxiu again coordination and communication, there is no one the villagers feel at a disadvantage.Zhang Guangxiu with the words interpret his love of the work: "Every little thing, where the hardships are like a novel; as long as the interests of the villagers to seek a trace, no matter how many hardships experienced willing heart."Today, the business unfinished, she fell. Leukemia in a little bit of devouring her youth. Zhang Guangxiu lying in bed,air max pas cher pour homme, pale,air max scarpe, gaunt,red bottoms, only the eyes clean and bright, showing infinite desire for life. "I had braids can be beautiful." She looked at the album turned college. Photo, she stood in a field of flowers, a sweet smile.Doctor Zhang Haiyan told reporters.
I have not earned 'this' it." Chen Ran said myself that six months is "free work" because "so far, the money is not to find a job down RBI flowers more money. "The work in the end how much was spent? Chen Ran did not disclose, but said:. "Among other things,louboutin sale, the light-grade cigarette back and forth send tens of thousands of dollars."Wuxi citizens Song Kai told reporters that he had a friend last year in order to enter an institution.
Did not physical,christian louboutin, anxious country?" Must eat handfuls of antibiotics every day. She jokes to yourself: "I have medicine jar of .36 degrees, take the sweating, Oh,oakley, some more problems."Corners diary filled with her self-motivation, "disease and not block my work", "no conditions should also create conditions" ... really can not stand the pain, she would sing a song self The song "Tomorrow will be better", I do not know how many times to sing.Finally completed. She also seems to have forgotten the pain before,toms for sale, "Life gave me a big bitter pill, I also gain a sweet honey. Perhaps this is life now.""Just the day before hospitalization.









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