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 Post subject: hogan outlet this title tags and groups
PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:01 pm 

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the network words the simplest explanation is the "rustic rich", it is more money to be used to describe the network without the brain and extremely flamboyant ethnic groups.Nevertheless, people's attitude towards "Tyrant" is no longer like on the "nouveau riche" and other similar groups as a simple denial and contempt. Now, people on the "Tyrant" is a complex love-hate attitude is "Road indignant roar, holding Tyrant not let go," "we be friends" such self-mockery and banter between each other."Tyrant",hogan outlet, has become a heat overshadowed "high rich handsome", "Phu Bai '?" Silk "and other terms of the new group label, and it in addition to these terms to construct a new group, divided into social diversity part of the population, and the "high rich handsome", "white Formica" and other cultural patterns formed on the control constitutes a vulgar and refined binary segmentation. At the same time.
the "Tyrant" has become a black humor has meant social rift. Dissatisfaction with the status quo for people through banter and self-deprecating gesture, carried out with the new construction of deconstruction.This also indicates that,tiffany milano duomo, if the "Tyrant" is displayed in the social stratification and inequality and other issues, are not taken seriously and resolved to correct and enhance the cultural and aesthetic form on, then, "Tyrant" rampage will be an inevitable . And will come to the end,scarpe hogan outlet, the revolutionary discourse again in vogue, such as "sub-field" This completely ignores private property rights, property rights of social turmoil.
has a similar target with symbolic significance, becoming a significant polarization between rich and poor labeling of non-fair condition. Behind the "we be friends",air max femme pas cher, showing a kind of self-deprecating and social expression, civil society for this cruel reality,sunglasses outlet, be no alternative but had to obey recognition.In addition,red bottoms, from the culture, Chinese people have not really mammonist, for culture, taste and quality of the heart's identity is still very high. As we are now in a circle of friends joking with each other,hogan olympia uomo ebay, are also the "Tyrant" and the title of each title, and finally you will find that "Tyrant" was everywhere,louboutin cheap shoes, but no one will actually admit they are "Tyrant."From upstart.
really there is a risk to re-arrival. (Zhang BEIJING, July 3, according to Hong Kong, "Sing Tao Daily net" July 3 reported that the Russian fertilizer big Lev (Dmitry Rybolovlev) 2 years ago to $ 100 million purchase of U.S. real estate big Hunter Trump (Donald Trump) put the disc a Florida beachfront mansion,abercrombie pas cher, creating a sensation. Now,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, the 10th richest in Russia and his wife Elena are on the divorce court,tn, Yelena accused her husband and his mistress more than fool around,nike tn officiel, requires a net worth of 3.8 billion share of the husband, as the world's highest divorce compensation amount in the history of the case.According to reports, 43-year-old and Yelena married for 23 years, and they have two daughters. Expensive for the 10th All-Russian tycoons,hogan outlet, has a value of 72 million pounds of luxury motor yachts, as well as the area from London to Singapore several mansions.
coal bosses to today's "Tyrant", this title tags and groups, in essence, are the Chinese people and the whole social and cultural heart of the kernel, for there is no material culture, there is no money, quality, there is no quality luxury goods group a boycott and contempt. Although Chinese society has entered the consumer society, money worship prevailed, but ultimately this cultural habits and traditions, still ingrained in people's minds, and taste for cultural requirements is still high. But due to the cruel reality, the ideal being squeezed, people have no brain to "Tyrant" bow, and even committed to "Tyrant."In general, social segmentation and split the vocabulary is straightforward reflect social differentiation. Popular countless new words are described as a barometer of China's realities and the detector. "Tyrant" This language revolution era in the 21st century, with the rise of ironic new meaning,hogan outlet 2050, metaphor Chinese social stratification has entered a naked state, like a return to the kind of state that year. Then.
it? "Silk" in the vulgar level constitutes correspondence,tn, the economic basis of the coordinate system, one on one in the next. So,hogan olympia uomo ebay, in my opinion, "Tyrant" has been in political science from the derogatory sense, transformed into a straightforward portrayal of social stratification and inequality sociological sense,nike tn 2014, but also involves the sense of spiritual and cultural taste and value orientation.In the sociological sense,hollister lille horaires, the moment people's eyes, "Tyrant", largely Chinese real estate for the past ten years in order to support emerging affluent - in the center of the city, a small house that means a millionaire a. They show to the world the image, similar to the former landlords and tenants sit back and enjoy, because these people are often not by hard business operations and gain wealth entrepreneur, do not rely on hard work and get a good income white-collar workers, they just wait for wealth With house prices soaring together, and then became the object of envy of the world jealous hate.With these handy wealth, they lived a happy material life, then wrap themselves in a variety of substances, most recently is the new color for iPhone5S phone "Tyrant King" features, it upstart gold teeth.









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