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through the mobile Internet, they are even able to smile lit grandparents. "Great turn era,chaussures louboutin pas cher," the core positioning is to change our stereotype, so new things directly into daily life.As for the traditional financial industry,giuseppe heels, the rise of the Internet is one of the important reasons for the industry had to change. Bank Vice President Dr. Hou Weidong face the impact of the Internet wave, but also have to admit that reform is urgently needed. Gorgeous, surging Internet withstood the financial neck to force "reformed", "Financial Internet" and "Internet financial" came into being.Since last June 13 was born, the balance of treasure has been finished its first birthday. Despite recent signs of yield continuous decline,toms for sale, but overall, as of the end of March this year, the number of users billions of dollars,Cheap Ray Bans Outlet, the market scale reached 541.2 billion yuan, can be described as impressive.The impact face of competition from the Internet, Bank Vice President and Chief Information Officer Hou Weidong said at the forum,cheap oakley sale, Internet companies have become participants in the financial sector competition,giuseppe zanotti sneakers men, not only affects the whole structure, but also its new model to change the traditional financial institutions business model."The Internet made financial" advantage is not self-evident, one by one,boutique louboutin, then discussed, Hou Weidong feel "five streams": Internet companies rely on the network platform is built "information flow", connecting buyers and sellers of "deal flow", obtained by transaction settlement "cash flow",toms shoes outlet, the integration of the "logistics", analyze logistics data to establish a "data flow." Easy to see that the Internet owes a great platform for open data and integrate the advantages of fast and convenient information platform for further expansion into information and accordingly affect the market - naturally including the financial markets.In contrast.
In this regard, Ding Jianping proposal, simply open up all RMB account, one to advance its internationalization, and secondly,nike blazer, you can have the willingness to invest in foreign companies have a free hand, greater investment in space.So much trouble, the implementation of cross-border yuan trade zone exactly what role? In Ding Jianping view,tn pas cher, this in itself FTA with three goals, namely to support the real economy, and promoting open capital projects and is closely related to the promotion of internationalization of the RMB. However, capital projects and to promote the internationalization of RMB enormous pressure on public opinion in 25 countries have open capital projects,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, among them, 13 in the opening five-year economic crisis broke out, the risk is quite substantial. One of the most likely consequent risk capital market is overheated, triggering hyperinflation.Ding Jianping pointed out that with China's rapid economic growth over the years is constantly rising prices.
inflation has been a pain in the Chinese economy. The new field, although the completion of Shanghai FTA can attract foreign investment, but it also may lead to overheating of the capital market,toms outlet store, triggering hyperinflation.Thus, how foreign "hot money" into the financing market,tom ford, rather than poured into the real estate bubble industry has become the focus of reform. "So we need to internationalization of the RMB, so that non-residents unhindered access to Chinese markets,nike pas cher, boosting the stock market,louboutin pas cher, driven by the real economy." Ding Jianping stressed, while on the other hand we have to guard against foreign "hot money", they disrupt the normal barrier stock market order, but also need to adjust the exchange rate reform.Rise of the Internet Forced reformFollowing the "Internet age", "information age" these "times" new term, entrepreneurs,nike blazer homme, critics excitedly shouted,toms womens wedges, "big turn era" has arrived. Suddenly, thousands of "agricultural era" several hundred "industrial age" Suddenly pale pale, with "years" to calculate the change of the times people overwhelmed.No one can imagine in 10 years ago and now the boundaries are blurred in various industries to what extent. Year or "child's play" Tencent QQ sexually explicit,nike pas cher, micro letter crazy squeeze their mobile Unicom SMS business. "Surfing the Internet" is no longer a monopoly as "ignorant" of youth.
traditional banks are facing increasing financial pressure. Downward pressure on the real economy.









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