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and this is the reason for his arrest. According to reports, Tarantini from September 2008 to January 2009 for Berlusconi's party to provide call girls. At least 30 call girls participated in Berlusconi's party, because some of them to provide sexual services and get paid thousands of euros,toms for sale cheap, but there are some girls are only paid tolls. Tarantini in the survey, said: "I put these girls as their friend introduced to Mr. Prime Minister, I did not tell him that I paid to their reward."October:This month, the Italian Constitutional Court ruled announcement. Because of the need to deal with the current Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi number of cases, so it will stay in power crisis. The Constitutional Court is nine votes in favor, 6 votes against voting results by the above ruling. Italian ANSA reported that the Constitutional Court held that the immunity given to state leaders, "violated the principle of equality before the law," and in conflict with the constitutional provisions. Italian domestic very mixed reviews, it was clear support to continue as Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, also calls for him to resign immediately. Political analysts believe that Italy's Berlusconi in parliament still has great influence, and this Constitutional Court ruling greatly shaken the foundation of his power,scarpe nike, making the Italian political situation becomes very unstable.November:This month.
Obama has been elected.August:This month,red bottoms, Berlusconi's wife Veronica Victoria - Lario, said she has filed for divorce because she could not stand her husband on relations with other women's issues liars, but he still " sex addiction. " Lario said that after 18 years of Berlusconi attend Western model offered birthday news leaked that she had no choice but to divorce her husband. Berlusconi was lying to her that he was taking part in an emergency meeting. Lario said: "This was his first lie countless times, in order to respect yourself, it's best I do not want to divorce themselves into his nurse,hollister soldes, I could not stop him from disgrace in the world." Berlusconi denied Letizia improper relationship,cheap oakley, but Lario said,abercrombie milano felpe, this is just another lie Berlusconi.This month, Berlusconi on the Italian "La Repubblica" sued, saying this media defamation against him. Earlier this media exposure that a convicted Mafia killer disclosure, Berlusconi was in the nineties the use of political influence. This, Berlusconi, saying that the statement "baseless",air max bw pas cher, he suffered in recent years,toms outlet, "the most incredible and shameful attack." Berlusconi said he and the Italian government has done a lot of work to combat the Mafia, to pay much more than anyone else. But in Italy there are 22 million signatures on the "La Repubblica" expressed support,christian louboutin, including Nobel Prize-winning screenwriter Da Ruiao - Futuo.September:This month, the pope canceled the meeting with Berlusconi. Prior to this,louboutin outlet, the Roman Catholic Church against Berlusconi condemnation.This month.
Berlusconi's wife Lario.
and some went so far as openly sitting on his lap. After this exposure, Berlusconi had to write a letter of apology to his wife to recant.May:This month, Berlusconi's wife Veronica - Lario. Veronica criticized Berlusconi to Naples to attend a 18-year-old female model's birthday party,tn, but never attended any of their children once adult party. Lario said: "Our marriage has ended, I can not stay in a woman who Qingtiao minor side I learned from the newspapers that he (Berlusconi) is certainly in her (the model) is under 18 years of age. When you know her, she called him Dad, I can not bear it anymore. "media reports that Berlusconi was presented a value of expensive gold and diamond necklace to the name of the model. Berlusconi later made a brief statement on the incident, said:. "I just attended a birthday party for her daughter's friends, there is no other external speculated scandal is something that makes me sad affair, it seems not to talk openly about my wife fall into the trap set by the media deliberately "June:This month,gioielli tiffany, the Spanish "El Pais" published a number of photos, making 72-year-old Berlusconi at the center of the media storm again. This 5 photos are all taken by a professional photographer, "El Pais" In the published photograph allot such a title: "Berlusconi Italian people do not want to see the photos." These photos show ,, in which a photograph, five half-naked beauties tightly around the Berlusconi side, put a very attractive and charming posture. Another photo is of two naked beauties stood beside Berlusconi's villa bathtub. Shortly thereafter, a man named 42-year-old prostitute Addario also announced his affair with Berlusconi. According Addario revealed in her spend the night with Berlusconi that night, the United States is being held intense presidential election. Berlusconi was reminded staff to participate in an election campaign held by the Foundation's good intentions, but Berlusconi flatly refused. After the election results come out until later,hollister pas cher soldes, the staff came in here to inform Berlusconi.
Berlusconi decided to sue the media,ray bans online, "unidad",hogan olympia uomo ebay, saying that the media slander themselves "impotence." In the "unity" reported related,tiffany milano duomo, and once sarcastically questioned whether the 72-year-old Berlusconi still in glory. And it seems that is the irony of his impotence in Berlusconi,air max femme pas cher, for a man that make it feel very humiliated. Further reports,air max pas cher pour homme, there was other insulting vocabulary. For Berlusconi sued the media, meaning the press believes that this is him. Berlusconi's lawyer Gai Dini said that Berlusconi has been on the Italian left-wing newspaper "unidad" filed a lawsuit asking the newspaper to slander the reputation regarding Berlusconi paid two million euros in compensation. The lawyers point out that this lawsuit is not politically motivated, Mr. Berlusconi just want to defend their honor.This month, plays a role in Berlusconi's pimp "prostitutes" incident Italian businessman Giampaolo - Tarantini was arrested. A judge told the media reporters that because Tarantini was arrested on suspicion of drug dealing. But the judge also said Tarantini also have to flee and destroy evidence of the suspect.









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