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 Post subject: oakley sunglasses 14 years later
PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:36 pm 

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just over 40 days." said he had never hugged a child, when holding the cousin sent dolls, he was very nervous,oakley sunglasses, and very happy,tiffany outlet milano, hold a full three hours, also do not want to let go until the little guy to pee, he was handed over to the mother changing diapers.The little girl came to the first night of Zhao, Zhao Guanghui excitement Zhengsu not sleep. And live another room is running out of patience, every half hour or so dressed up,ray ban sunglasses, touch their parents in front of the room whispered,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, wanderers how no crying. Two brothers so tight.
two brothers sweat a day, only in exchange for 1.2 yuan.In order to make more money, they also bagged a job shipped brick kiln feed. Adobe piece molded five pounds more, every time they want to pick 30, a total of 150 pounds, 300 meters away to pick brick, and then send the next six meters deep kiln wells. Every day, so heavy and dangerous transport, they want to explore a full 50 round-trip, transportation adobe 1500.Zaiqiong also send her daughter to kindergartenUnder the care of two blind father, Li Zhao grew up drinking soybean milk powder. When five years old Lily, she liked pigtail shaking his head, ran to the nearby kindergarten. She then lying on the railing, his eyes staring straight kindergarten children's every move, is often a look that is half a day. Sometimes grandparents had just come back, until they turn a body, she ran back.
but to retrieve the daughter of Li Zhao upbringing education, Zaikuzailei, they never complained. To say that this story had to return to 14 years ago.That was in 1997 Lunar New Year on March 15, a chance, cousin close the door in the restaurant next to the bus station Germain found a woman abandoned baby. She suddenly remembered that not long ago,air max 90 pas cher, two of her blind cousin Zhao Guangfu and Zhao Guanghui also commissioned her to help adopt a child. Because the brothers are blind, and a 27-year-old a 33-year-old, are the bachelor.It is reported that two brothers disability is caused due to consanguineous marriage. At that time, two brothers less than 10 years old,veste barbour homme, his eyes began to blur, then they would stay away from the light. Abandoned baby girl found after cousin is not easy to think of the two brothers, listening to the hoarse cries of the abandoned baby girl, she hesitated for a while,air max pas cher chine, the girl picked up, sent a cousin of home."Wen chicken" Tsuishine slurry feed her daughter"Lily came to my house.
the previous day's leftovers add boiled into porridge,tn pas chere, clip a little pickle, make do for breakfast. Then they have to get out, groping to hit brick tiles."Hit brick,christian louboutin men, brick is commonly known to play." Zhao Guangfu recalled, first of all to hired Wong, crushed by barefoot and constantly add water and stir. And good mud bricks, will be holding a handful of mud brick brick mold fill and compaction force. Then, with a wire Calibrating the excess mud brick, then flip the brick mold, pouring brick.In fact, a normal journeyman,veste barbour, one day you can play 600 brick. Zhao Guangfu, Zhao Guanghui brothers, from labor in the morning to the evening, but only played 300 adobe per person. At that time, a brick only 4% of wages. In other words.
and then Chung twice, three times, because of the invisible,barbour paris, he would in such a stupid way to ensure enough rice Chung was fine, so Lily can eat. Because they are invisible to the eye, do a rice milk have to spend two to three hours.Then, point firewood brewed rice milk. Because of the invisible, Zhao Guangfu unable to grasp the furnace, only rice milk, stirring constantly to prevent sticking or burned paste. After Aohao, they only add sugar,louboutin outlet, rice milk naturally be cold, not hot after then try lips, just poured a bottle fed Lili drink.To let the children eat fresh rice milk,air max 1 pas cher, the two brothers are "smell chicken Tsuishine" every day.Soybean milk powder hit brick kiln earn moneyRice milk Suisi milk, after all,nike air max pas cher, not milk. Listen infant Li Zhao is often hungry and crying sounds, Zhao Guangfu and Zhao Guanghui two brothers was very anxious. Thus, the two brothers decided to go home about 500 meters away hit the brick kilns, soybean milk powder to Li Zhao earned money.This section allows Zhao brothers unforgettable experience. Today, 14 years later, about this story,negozio tiffany milano, they still marvel at.Every day,tiffany milano, the brothers will be in time for the third time before the rooster crows to get up.
even absurd, all because they also "upgrade", when a father. Subsequently, Zhao Guangfu daughter named - Li Zhao. His brother is Lili Zhao Guanghui unitary dad.When Dad's excitement did not last a few days, the reality of the plight of families hit Bianxiang this embarrassment. cousin sent when Lili Zhao,christian louboutin pas cher, only bought two bags of soybean milk powder, may soon be eaten. Subsequently, Lili too hungry, often wailed. Finally,giuseppe zanotti chaussure homme, Zhao Guangfu brothers listened to his mother's advice, they come home Tsuishine groping with the mortar and began to give her daughter Tsuishine pulp.So far the two brothers are still clearly remember the whole process Tsuishine pulp. First, the use of rice syrup to Tsuishine scouring the net a good soak in the night before, the next day you have to get up at midnight rooster crows groping Tsuishine. After Chung finished once again with a cloth filter.









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