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 Post subject: cheap oakley which does not depend on thinking
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art researcher Anhui Guo due to a fundamental question of art aesthetics, namely the artist how to treat and deal with the relationship between art and reality of departure, drawn painting various relationships should be via "each have the appropriate" and "in" to achieve "nothing cynical" and "and" basic road leading Chinese Painting and Chinese painting is "Central",cheap oakley, the basic pursuit " cause and, "This is the basic spirit of Chinese culture," "and" in and "is consistent with the doctrine of the road, should inherit and carry forward.Freehand grasp the essence of the traditional pen and ink activatedA good grasp of the spirit of Chinese culture would have talked about Chinese painting expression. "Chinese Painting First formed his own intentions, which does not depend on thinking,abercrombie milano, sophisticated design produced by intention, but in the transcendent state, complete with a subconscious, which is the spirit of Chinese painting freehand."Central Research Institute of Culture Painting and Calligraphy Academy Zhen sound believe that this way of thinking and expression makes the aesthetic of Chinese painting Chinese painting has always been the pursuit of mysticism between like and not like. Chinese painting should not like and do not like the two extremes wandering otherwise have no way out."Chinese painting" magazine editor Wang Yong pointed out that the spirit of Chinese painting and Western realistic painting freehand contradiction.
there are two shortcomings: First, the subject matter and the form of multi-style exploration, mining spiritual content is not enough, especially the lack of profound cultural implication; Second, cross- sector to achieve greater effectiveness, and strengthen the original features are in close enough to win in the next. "The bottom line in the absence of awareness of innovation 'cross-border' thinking,air max bw pas cher, leaving the 'consolidate' premise, or lost Chinese painting color, or diminished quality of art." He believes that "no matter how many innovations must be based not lost on the basis of cultural heritage. "So, the quality and characteristics of the art of painting should be where to get? Xue-year view, can only come from the accumulation of national culture, the way of thinking come from ethnic heritage and language in the way, come from understanding the essence of the national culture, come from the study of Chinese culture. Chinese painting continuation context,cheap louboutin, we need to use the Learning Craze cultural environment, make up classes on Chinese culture,abercrombie pas cher, Chinese culture play a fundamental role in fostering the spirit of pottery painter and raise the overall quality.A deep understanding of Chinese culture should first study the cultural spirit of Chinese Anhui Research Institute of Culture honors librarians.
but with some modern art concepts fit. Individuality and simplified form is universal characteristic of Eastern and Western contemporary art. Excavated from Chinese traditional cultural resources that can be converted into a modern art form genes and elements,tiffany gioielli outlet, in-depth techniques from pen and ink level to the level of spiritual connotation,hogan, and grasp the essence of Chinese traditional art of freehand spirit, has become the consensus of contemporary Chinese artists.Chinese ink painting as a language form, but also focus on how to further develop the experts discussed. Renmin University of China Professor Chen Chuan seats that "When the ink with the ancient tradition", who put forward the "retro" slogan on the history and put into practice in the art have made great achievements, resulting in a monumental masterpiece. So good painter must truly ancient tradition Xue Daoshou ink, as long as there thinking,abercrombie milano felpe, living in a new era, a new spirit of the times the performance of traditional practices, will be able to create a new masterpiece, has become a new tradition.For this argument,tn air max 2014 pas cher, the Central Academy of Fine Arts professor Yuan Baolin said he did not agree: "Chinese painting is only good or bad, did not say about ancient and modern pen ink can not be confined to themselves, but to study the relationship between art pen and ink and some important areas. . "Yuan Baolin stressed ink itself is not independent, but subordinate to the spirit of the times the performance and personalization to create a mood, not here,oakley, not just ink fresh ink rules at the level of skill, this routine too much ink We need a viable ink. also special order "Xu Jiang system" and "Lin Wu system" for example, is certainly a positive influence on Western art forms to activate and expand the language of traditional Chinese ink painting arising."Art" magazine executive editor Shang-hui in the analysis and reconstruction of the evolution of the values � f the 20th century Chinese landscape painting.
the introduction of the "schema" concept,hollister, and with the traditional "pen and ink" concept to distinguish,christian louboutin pas cher, for example, he shows that the traditional Landscape value judgments that Chirographic viewpoint, aesthetic value schemata personality is obscured. And Li Keran,scarpe hogan outlet, Fu Baoshi, Shi Lu Chirographic other half - light,hogan outlet 2014, texture,tiffany outlet, structure, space,abercrombie soldes, mood,abercrombie italia, are the visual forms,air max femme, indicating that they Chirographic formation process also began to focus on aspects of personality schema.









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