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and his car parked in his downstairs.Such a scenario,sunglasses outlet, economic cooperatives in Baiyun District Xiamao staged dozens of times a day. After every morning, the village car park staff will be parked in the parking lot outside of the car one by one lock, then unlock obtain 200 yuan fee to the owner. Express reporter learned in-depth investigation, the village is also suspected of kangaroo seven parking violation charges, these two violation charges brought revenue per year, or up to several million dollars.Complaints "Did not wear uniforms,cheap toms, up to lock your car.""These people did not wear uniforms, do not say hello,tn pas cher, up to lock the car." Mr. Lin to the Express reporter rebellion so described scenes he witnessed in the middle of the night. He said tenants Baiyun District, street Xiamao communities often woke up, he found a vehicle parked in the downstairs was locked tire, and each will need to unlock the village parking lot to pay a fine of 200 yuan.Mr. Lin found that after every morning, there are a few people riding a motorcycle along the village patrol motorcycle stuck behind several large lock.
Currently, S has been released on bail. He imprisoned female model who have all left sadly,kids toms outlet, some of them living under police protection, but also a few people have left Spain.Why fake tycoon election MarbellaWhy pretend wealthy Iranian man chose to live in Spain Marbella it? Spanish resort of Marbella is particularly favored by the rich Middle East. Star businessmen, aristocrats and other celebrities in this linger, sports cars, mansions, palaces here is just an unusual thing. For the pursuit of wealth and fame were soft mode is undoubtedly a great temptation. Newspaper roundup(Original title: posing oil tycoon three years imprisoned 10 women die This "pacts" exists in Baiyun District Xiamao economic and social; City traffic police department stressed that only law enforcement agencies in order for "parking chaos" law enforcement � Express reporter Fu Yuliang Zhang Liang Ying"Noisy again, put your tire unloaded!" Raised his hand to speak parking staff seemed very impatient, colleagues smooth things over next to him, said:. "To pay 150,oakley outlet, and quickly take the" pay later Xie, former to make unannounced visits to the Express reporter whispered that this is the fourth time in two months he was locked car.
these car parks are very simple, some just set up a booth about two square meters, less than half a meter high concrete wall on the base and placed a parking pole , without any shielding. After a simple flat ground only after a period of use, is potholes. There owner told reporters, rains often muddy yard.Each parking lot did not post any relevant approval documents, yard staff also confirmed that parking for economic and social Xiamao own.Xiamao community center in a parking lot,tn pas cher, accompanied by a staff member told the owners come for unlocking reporter Xie,cheap oakley sunglasses, Xiamao economic and social issues in order to regulate road parking, a few years ago began to lock the car fine, and the practice is " pacts. "(Original title: stop kangaroo car parking on the lock to unlock fee 200 yuan canYesterday,kids toms outlet, Wuxi Beitang District Urban Management Bureau invited to do business in the area near the shore of the village Sheng dozen dealers,cheap louboutin, opened the field of special forum. Where breakfast stall Jo, in April 1st inspectors had raised chopper.Yangzi Evening News reporter Ding BoFritters stall draw their swords chasedThe morning of April 1, Beitang chased squadron remediation Sheng shore Huishan village, street a donut shop opened on March 29, March 31 inspectors on-site release "Notice to street dealers," clearly the responsibility of its cityscape, but Mrs. Jo stall to uneducated illiterate refused to sign.Around at 9:00 on April 1,tn, the inspectors found that donut shop inspections lane serious.
and saw the car parked on the roadside on the wheels lock up, sometimes in the window on affix a notice.Lock your car notices that the vehicle was locked Xiamao community for violating the parking regulations,cheap oakley sunglasses, conduct lock your car and fine handling, owners need to Xiamao community center parking lot office formalities. The notices inscribed at the cover of "Guangzhou Xiamao parked field" seal."Lock once fine you 200 dollars, I was locked out four." Mr. Lin said,giuseppe zanotti homme, when the vehicle is locked, without prior warning,barbour paris, and afterwards not provide invoices, just to give an official seal stamped with Xiamao Jingjilianshe receipt. When to pay a fine, Mr. Lin village parking lot side many times with Xiamao theory, but were told that only the vehicle parked in the parking lot, otherwise lock the car fine deal."There are outsiders because it is not familiar with the situation, Two months been locked five or six times. "According to the clues provided by Mr. Lin,barbour soldes, the reporter came to the Xiamao communities often lock the car door of an apartment. Rental apartments boss told reporters, was locked car is mainly foreign tenants, but he is also very helpless as the apartment owner.Tenants Mr Wong told reporters, surrounded by people who have strong views on lock your car, "the lock so many cars every day, every two hundred yuan, I heard that there are foreigners because it is not familiar with the situation,tn pas chere, was locked up for two months five or six times, on more than one thousand yuan a light fine,cheap oakley, but fine is not not talk, if they feel good,nike air jordan pas cher, maybe you can undercharged, but this situation is rare. "A villager then told reporters that the economic and social Xiamao privately established seven parking Price Bureau and other relevant departments have no approval, "parking fee itself is illegal, why should we stop into a place and there is no guarantee? "Interview Parking shabby environment without approvalExpress reporter then visited the village four parking.
Jo would advise couples to the table,cheap ray ban sunglasses, stove and other business tools to move into the store.








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