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 Post subject: hollister pas cher "the department budget model"
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,hollister pas cher
70 percent of 10 million or less, there are 198 provincial projects.Second, the project is too complicated. From the nature of the look, both strategic projects, there are action items. From the content perspective, both operating expenses item, also has a policy of constructive programs and projects. Due to the nature of confounding, it is difficult to form a scientific management approach.Third, the project is too scattered. From the use of perspective,air max femme, about 70% of the budget is to supplement operating expenses, the development of the project less than 20%; From a management perspective, almost every budget units have 10 to 30 projects, thus "project is a basket, and everything inside loaded. "This leads to financial, audit and supervision failure. Ripa pointed out that the preparation of financial supervision of a county,christian louboutin, but three people, how to monitor thousands of items? To do this, they can only be "denounced the audit before."Too many items on the audit,outlet tiffany online, it is also a problem. Supervision is the last line of defense, lost the supervision of earmarking would be empty; while the project is too specific, but also lead to performance evaluation "can not do",tiffany milano, or high cost performance evaluation "can not do", and ultimately lead to incurable "run department money into the "type of corruption and" Excellencies spending "loophole blocked numerous blocking.Outstanding performance to improve the whole process of project managementExperts suggest that the need to rebuild.
" Comprehensive,tn nike pas cher, standardized, open and let citizens see, can read, can put forward their views and become the highlight of tax reform. Among these, it is imperative, experts suggest, "Three" funding for the use of high interest to rebuild "the department budget model" perfect project budget management.3 people how to monitor thousands of itemsJuly 9, the central inspection teams, said during his tour of Science and Technology found that going abroad (border), the bus is equipped,toms outlet, in violation of the provisions of the eight central phenomenon convening meetings. June 25 announcement of the audit report.
due to unauthorized changes to travel abroad,oakley outlet, official activities over budget, some wind in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the eight central sector units have been named.For example, the above audit report noted that the Ministry of Science, Chinese Academy of Ecological Environment Research Center, China Civil Engineering Society, China Architectural Culture Center illegal organization "double cross" (trans-regional, cross-sectoral) study abroad or for-profit groups 7. Such as the Chinese Academy of Ecological Environment Research Center in 2012 and 2013 without the approval of the "double cross" groups.
budget units according to the actual needs of the latter, the use of project preparation methods. Due to departmental budgets to control administrative staff and funds earmarked for the project,sunglasses outlet, at the time of "eating finance", able to squeeze a little money on the project on the good,nike tn pas cher, and therefore it is subject to all levels of government attention. But the disadvantage is that it is the lack of control mechanisms expansion project, with the financial scale of the expansion and increase the proportion of the project budget,tn pas chere, which suited side gradually exposed.First, the budget too much. Our current budget items (including transfer payments special) expansion serious Ripa research to obtain data, in 2012 a provincial budget has more than 5000 projects, of which there are 2000 special transfer payments. Financial County in Henan Province has nearly a budget.
and invited a staff member in charge of the project Natural Science Foundation of private passport holders were visiting the United States, Canada, bear the cost of more than four million.There are 149 groups seven departments at the same level and nine subordinate units exist arbitrarily change the itinerary, extending outside the residence time of issue, of which the Civil Aviation Authority and subordinate units have 113 groups, Food and Drug Administration regulators have nine groups. Interdepartmental Oceanic 2012 "organized by the Antarctic Great Wall Station went to visit condolences Justice Mission", approved 11 days, the actual trip 13 days, including six days in France and Chile.Why have the budget, still violations continue? Ripa and other experts believe that the budget system in China in 2000 from the country have implemented budgeting a "departmental budget formula": departmental budget = basic expenditure budget + project budget. The former press and public funds for staffing.
"the department budget model", will be divided into basic departmental budget expenditure budget, operating costs and project budgets. Operating expenses in the budget of the Conference,nike air max 1, the purchase, "Three" funding repairs, travel expenses,cheap ray ban Sunglasses, etc. included in the project budget for the budget is specific to sector development projects,hollister france, and operating expenses are divided into categories,oakley sunglasses outlet, engineering projects and policies (including transfer payments special) budget, the use of project management,kids toms outlet, listed separately.Ripa further noted that project management is a performance-based management, budget items for the object,abercrombie milano, the management approach to the link-based management. It is divided into the early part of: a feasibility study, including project (policy),hollister pas cher france, the project application and preliminary evaluation of the project's projects; mid link: implementation and mid-term evaluation of the project; post links: complete knot.









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