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 Post subject: basket nike tn pas cher "you first on the play.
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the man beaten to death, because that she was "the devil."McDonald's Assault"The devil! Killed him!" Zhang Lidong while screaming while lying on the ground with a foot woman. And Zhang Lidong other two counterparts woman waving to people around the helmet attack. They shrill shouting: "Who help, who died!"Woman lying on the ground issued shrill cries. Diners are eating instant fear defeat,basket nike tn pas cher, people leave food, screaming,cheap oakley sunglasses for men, pushing forward quickly flee. Someone secretly talk, this is a small three children suffered family dispute,cheap toms, or debt disputes.The fact is that the batterer batters in five minutes with the former just strangers.May 28,louboutin prix, a usual Wednesday. 37-year-old Wu Shuo Yan morning shift, she came as usual biking Downtown department store. She is the third floor of a women's clothing store clerk,cheap toms, she worked in several brand women Waldo department store. Lift Wu Shuo Yan, everybody said she was "very competent",air max femme pas cher, "love to laugh" "Nothing will talk to her and our son, we look at the photo."17:00, Wu Shuo Yan under the early morning. As usual,abercrombie pas cher, she first arrived at the home to help her mother with the housework, her mother sick hemiplegia, has been bedridden for many years. On this day she deliberately took a pizza, her mother wanted a fresh taste.Downtown department stores across the Zhaoyuan City Hall Plaza, every evening gathered a lot of people who walk after dinner. Settled mother, Wu Guizhen and her husband went back to here. She did not eat dinner, then let her husband led his son to go to Downtown Plaza department store six major video game play, "you first on the play.
I'm waiting for you below." Has turned into the mall floor McDonald's.McDonald's first floor, as usual,tiffany roma, playing cheerful music McDonald's ad. Wu Shuo Yan point over the meal, holding the plate to a seat on the corner. Now do not know whether she noticed the same here dining Zhang Lidong line six individuals.Zhang Lidong's daughter Zhang Hang are paying desk to ask for the phone. "Hello, I see quite a nice ring with you, and can leave your phone? ... I have no malice,fake ray bans," she initially asked cautiously. Witnesses in an interview, said,tn soldes, "It was also with us to the phone number. Thought it was a young man playing truth or dare game, they just give a fake phone."After asking a few tables, Zhang Hang Wu Shuo Yan went to the desk to ask for her phone number. Wu Shuo Yan refused, "Go, while children play go." Zhanghong Peng said, "cried she did not say that lightly say."Zhang Hang did not insist,air max, back seat, but was at the same table who snapped, "You should have confidence, directly ask her:? You do not give my phone number."Zhang Hang be encouraged to return to the table, banged the table and shouted: "? You do not give my phone number," Wu Shuo Yan again refused. This time, she could not help but believe in their own circle of friends micro burst foul language,oakley outlet store, "fuck encounter madman." Micro-channel display time, 21:17.Subsequently,toms outlet store, Zhang Lidong a pedestrian rushing begins with the table. "The bald man shouted kicked, but also with a metal mop pole beside kept hitting!" An unnamed witness told the "China News Weekly",hogan scarpe, "special scary!"21:19, Zhaoyuan City,gioielli tiffany, 110 received the alarm. "We controlled the bald men after four other woman continues to play around." First arrived on the scene the police Yan Zhijun said in an interview with CCTV interview.
"it has also arranged for four police stations put a few in a row individual block. "But Wu Shuo Yan screams has gradually weaker in low-beaten, and ultimately not a movement. Police rushed to the scene, to control the beating murderer, failed to retain Wu Shuo Yan's life.Mysterious murderer"I do not know her," Zhang Lidong at the detention center said, "My daughter (Zhang Fan) says she is not a good thing to see is the devil, evil, we must kill her." Appears on the TV lens sheets Lidong apathy.The public security departments for investigation confirmed that Zhang Lidong row of six per capita identified as "Almighty God of" members. The organization has announced the Ministry of Public Security in 1995 was identified as a cult.Police Lidong Zhang Jinhui temporary rental Zhaoyuan district of Lishui Court searched the books and promotional material Almighty polytheistic."He is not like to work nine to five people, is something only to drive out." Just to six months of community security guard gray hair Song scratching recall effort trajectory of this family's daily life. Walk the dog down the stairs,air max pas cher enfant, drove out,oakley sunglasses, is the only search after all memory of his two fragments.Another woman living in the same unit also represents the family "are rarely encountered", but heard "all polytheism."Jinhui Development Zone is located in Zhaoyuan district Lishui Court in the eyes of the locals is a high-end real estate. The residential price of nearly 6,000 yuan per square meter (Zhaoyuan City housing average price of 4,500 yuan per square meter), the district are mostly parked Mercedes-Benz vehicles,tiffany gioielli outlet, high-end brands like Land Rover vehicles.Zhang Lidong outside the home, on a small vegetable garden for planting, weed seed in flowering trees have green onions, dusty plastic rope on two beam from umbrellas. The house looked from the window, indoor extremely messy, crumpled heap on the bed sheets.









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